Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our most recent Beaufort County educators who have been named recipients of
Innovative Teacher Grants through the
Foundation for Educational Excellence. 

Innovative Teacher Grants provide unique learning opportunities that are not funded through traditional budgets. These grants help spark the imaginations of students to create a life-long interest in learning.

Pritchardville Elem - Cook & Quisenberry
2020 Annual Grant Awards
2020 Fall Grant Recipients.jpg
Previous Grant Recipients

Fall  2019

(Grant Title  - School - Teacher Submitted by)

  • Argument Driven Inquiry, Battery Creek HS, Vincent Vernacchio

  • Say What?! I Can Tell a story with Video Games?!?, Pritchardville Elementary, Christina Cook, Michelle Quisenberry

  • Racing into Robotics, River Ridge Academy, Eric Mohrman

  • We Need A Hero, Port Royal Elementary, Kim Waters

  • LEGO by Makerspace, HHI Elementary,Beth Minton

  • Shared Reading Project, Districtwide, Sarah Bazemore, Pamela Rush

  • Rotary Club/What Lifts You Mural, M.C. Riley Elementary, JoEllen Jacobs

  • Sensory-Vision Therapy Room, M.C. Riley Elementary, Christie Brown, Sue Maloney, Debra Elsner

  • Engaging ELL’s with Novel Studies, Bluffton Middle School, Danielle Belmont

  • Garden of ACE, Beaufort Jasper ACE, Samuel Carpenter, Jeff Bates, Jerry Ferguson

  • 4th Grade Musical (School House Rock), Red Cedar Elementary, Nathan Kooi, Sarah McGhee

  • Theatre Funding, HHI Middle School, Soraya McCune

  • Book Clubs, HHI Middle School, Jody Hutcheson, Angela Bellatone, Lee Trew

  • Bridging the Language Divide, Mossy Oaks Elementary, Whale Branch Middle , Whale Branch Elementary, Davis Elementary, LaToi Smith

  • Adding Spark to “It’s Electricity”, HHI School for the Creative Arts, Jennifer Friend-Kerr, Melinda Smith

  • Learning with LEGOs, Robert Smalls International Academy, Rebecca Gerrard, Barbara Mallon

  • Matilda: The Musical, Hilton Head High School, Kimberly Guinn

  • World Drumming, Whale Branch Elementary, Kelly Lee Turner

  • Junior Naturalists, Okatie Elementary, Danielle Hunt

Spring 2019

(Grant Title  - School - Teacher Submitted by)

  • Seeds to Shoreline - AMES at Beaufort Elementary School - Mendy Gannon

  • Sew It Yourself - Battery Creek High School - Shari Swofford

  • APE Basketball Equipment - Battery Creek High School - Mary A. Keene

  • Pollinators Needed! - Beaufort Elementary School - Judith S. Blankenship

  • Cypress Wetlands Field Study & Service Project - Beaufort Middle School - Benjamin Saylor and Nicholette Carroll

  • Functional Life Skills - HE McCracken Middle School - Hanna Patterson

  • Birding with Binoculars - Hilton Head IB Elementary School - Colleen Wynn and Donna Rombauer

  • Cultural Music through Percussion Ensemble - Hilton Head Island Middle School - James Waechter

  • Our Island's History - Hilton Head Island Middle School - Kathleen Harper

  • Find your voice! - Joseph Shanklin Elementary School - Melissale Rivera

  • Starting the Shark News Network - May River High School - Michael Nathan Campbell

  • Kiln for Kids - Port Royal Elementary School - Theresa Merchant

  • Mythbusters! - Robert Smalls International Academy - Eve Weaver 

  • Watch Us Grow - Robert Smalls International Academy - Eve Weaver, Megan McDermid, and London Walter

Spring 2019 2.jpg

Fall 2018

(Grant Title  - School - Submitted by)

  • Anatomy Models for 3D Learning - Beaufort High School - David Shervin

  • Who Are the People in Our Neighborhood? - Joseph Shanklin Elementary School - Melissale Rivera

  • Thinking in the Third Dimension - HHI Elementary School for the Creative Arts - Jennifer Friend-Kerr

  • Sensory Wonder: Tactile Audio Illustrated Book - May River High School - Agata Marzec

  • What Goes Around, Comes a Round - Okatie Elementary School - Bree Lauffer and 3 others

  • Baillie Players Mentorship Program - Coosa Elementary School - Christine Warner and Emma Young

  • Mathletics- - Lady's Island Elementary School - Harry T. Smith

  • Digital Instruction by Students for Students - Battery Creek High School - John Cullinen

  • Flying High with Hot Air Balloons - River Ridge Academy - Eric Mohrman

  • Breakout of the Ordinary with an Exciting Escape - HHI Elementary School for the Creative Arts - Sandra Courtney

  • Engineering is Elementary--Evaluating a Landscape - Lady's Island Elementary School - Alissa Stripling

  • Using Motion to Learn - Beaufort High School - Barry Swindler

  • Young Astronauts Rocketing into Space - River Ridge Academy - Eric Mohrman and Marlayna Tracy

  • Where in the World…? - HH Island IB Elementary School - Denise Bell

  • PBL is Going Green in Kindergarten - Red Cedar Elementary School - Sandra Viskovich and 5 others

  • Robotics is the Future - Lady's Island Middle School - Joseph Evenden and Rebekah Foster

  • Outdoor Fitness Station - Hilton Head Island High School - Matthew Pheiffer and John Wyatt

  • Modeling the Physics of Roller Coasters - H. E. McCracken Middle School - Jana Goodwin Shea

  • West African Drumming - HH Island IB Elementary School - Smita Dadheech and Shari Harshman

Oaktie Elem - Bree Lauffler & others.jpg

FALL 2017

(Grant Title  - School - Submitted by)

  • Back to Native: Establishing a Native Plant Research Garden - Beaufort High School - Nancy Ungvarsky and Deborah Kidd

  • Critical Thinking with Games - Port Royal Elementary - Shelley Krebs

  • Disney’s Mulan Jr. - Mossy Oaks Elementary - Christopher Crabb and Nicholas Glick

  • Crack the Codes - Hilton Head Elementary School for Creative Arts - Jennifer Friend-Kerr

  • Amazing Animal Stories - Hilton Head Island IB Elementary School - Lena Beason

  • Say What? - H. E. McCracken Middle School - Heidi McAllister

  • Hands and Hearts Across the Ages - Hilton Head Island Elementary School for Creative Arts - Cynthia Strandt

  • Magnetic Math and Engineering - Robert Smalls International Academy - Eve Weaver

  • Geometry in Motion:  Integrating Art and Math with Origami - Robert Smalls International Academy - Eve Weaver

  • Infrared Photography: Beyond the Visible Light Spectrum - Battery Creek High School - John Cullinen 

  • Foundations in Personal Finance - Beaufort Middle School - Alexis Hines

  • Path to Success - Hilton Head Island High School - Kim Gartner

  • Can You Hear Me Now? - Pritchardville Elementary School - Kristen Parson

  • Lego STEM Instruction and Enrichment - Pritchardville Elementary School - Elizabeth Trott

  • Speech Ther-APP-y - River Ridge Academy - Elizabeth Strickland

  • A Snapshot of Me! - Joseph Shanklin Elementary School - Melissale Rivera

  • Okie Owls Read and Ride Program - Okatie Elementary School (Okatie Rotary) - Melissa Lane

  • Literacy Stems from Fascinating Books - River Ridge Academy (Okatie Rotary) - Lynda Jerrigan

Spring 2017

(Grant Title  - School - Submitted by)

  • Coding is the Future - Port Royal Elementary - Shelley Krebs

  • Elementary Life Lab - Whale Branch Elementary - Teresa Catherine Baker, Gerald Green

  • Butterfly Garden - Robert Smalls Intl - Heidi McAllister, Austin Peay

  • Numeracy through Literacy - Lady's Island Elementary - Madison Hoogstraal, Rachel Grindle, Catherine Carroll

  • Revolution in the Lowcountry - Whale Branch Middle School - Eugene V. Brugger, Pamela Storey

  • Learning Where the Wild Things Are - Beaufort Elementary - Marianne Blake, Aracely Johnson, Jessica Rylands, Jamey Porter

  • Independent Living Skills Kitchen Lab - Robert Smalls International - Juliette Ewing

  • iPads for Media Arts - Riverview Charter School - Stephanie Luzny

  • Sound of Hawai'i: A Polynesian Experience - Mossy Oaks Elementary - Nicholas Glick

  • HUD and vision guidance system - Hilton Head High School - John Quindlen

  • Literacy through SC History - Bluffton Middle School - Brandon Smith 

  • Math Fact Fluency - Lady's Island Elementary - Christine Warner

  • Up Close to Our Ocean - Red Cedar Elementary - Randi Harms +5 first grade teachers

  • DECA State Conference - Beaufort High School - Marysusan Williamson

  • Theatre in a Box - Hilton Head High School - Brandon Triola

  • Middle School Microscopy - Riverview Charter School - Danielle Belmont

  • HOSA International Conference - Beaufort High School - Marah Aulabaugh 

  • Google Explorers - Bluffton High School - Erin Reichert

  • Once Upon a Screen - Hilton Head Creative Arts Elementary - Jennifer Friend-Kerr

  • PreK Books for Music and Pets - Coosa Elementary - Michele Dubbs

  • Terrific Teacher Tool - Hilton Head IB Elementary - Kelsey Schuessler

  • Green Screen Your Dreams - Whale Branch Elementary - Emilee Brown

  • Math Escape: Who's got the math - Pritchardville Elementary (Okatie Rotary) - Christina Cook

  • Drone Video/Photography - Battery Creek High School - Anthony Petrucci

  • Grow Up - River Ridge Academy (Okatie Rotary) - Chandra Payne, Jennifer Bell

Innovative Teacher Grants for Fall 2016

(Grant Title  - School - Submitted by)

  • What Can It Be? - River Ridge Academy - Chandra Payne, Jennifer Bell 

  • Float My Boat - Pritchardville Elementary - Jill Brickley-Northern

  • EZ Scan Walking Club - Hilton Head IB Elementary - Kevin Murphy 

  • James and the Giant Peach Jr: The Musical - Hilton Head IB Elementary- Helen Ashton, Anna Flanagan

  • Reading to Understand Me! - Robert Smalls International Academy - Jacqueline E. Lawton

  • Amazing Abacus Learning - Hilton Head IB Elementary - Kelsey Schuessler

  • Act Like You Read It! - Coosa Elementary - Renee Roberts, Ellen Dounn, Willa Simpson, Kristin Hibbitt 

  • Disney's The Lion King Jr - Mossy Oaks Elementary - Christopher Crabb, Nicholas Glick, William James

  • Textos Infomativos - Hilton Head Middle School - Irma Rameizl, Aura Zuleta, Angela Oviedo, Jennifer Munguia

  • Virtual Fieldtrips - Hilton Head Elementary School for The Creative Arts - Jennifer Friend-Kerr

  • Drums Alive - Whale Branch Elementary - Willard Smith, Bradley Williams

  • Reading is Forever! - Hilton Head IB Elementary - Jenni Carol D'Angelo

  • Page to Stage - Ladys Island Elementary - Carol Dawson, Elizabeth Tenecyk

  • OSMO in the Library! - Coosa Elementary - Lynda Jernigan

Spring 2018

(Grant Title  - School - Submitted by)

  • Revolution in the Lowcountry  - Whale Branch Middle School  - Eugene Brugger, Pamela Storey 

  • Plickers in PE - Hilton Head IB Elementary  - Lindsey Davis 

  • Teaching Math Concepts Thru Science Labs - Hilton Head Island High School - Robert Stine 

  • Lights, Legos, Life - Hilton Head Island Elementary School for the Creative Arts - Jennifer Friend-Kerr, Daniel Holman, Heather Roberts 

  • I, Too, Sing America - Whale Branch Early College High School - Amy Bassett 

  • What Do Plants Need to Live and Grow? - Joseph S. Shanklin Elementary School - Melissale Rivera 

  • Coffee and Learning - Whale Branch Middle School - Kaitlyn Ricciuti 

  • Classroom Tower Garden - Port Royal Elementary - Sarah Reed, Valerie Eastabrook 

  • Taken It Back To Our Roots - St. Helena Elementary School - Jennifer Fisher, Willie Turral 

  • Auxiliary Control System - Hilton Head Island High School - John Quindlen 

  • Instructional Hall Mural - Hilton Head Island Elementary School for the Creative Arts  Amy Velder, Logan Cunningham, Jayme Wilson, Alex Powers, Elizabeth Spinney, Michelle Howard, Lymari Rodriquez and Christina Schaber 

  • Zap! Pow! Bang! Building Super Readers - Port Royal Elementary - Kim Waters 

  • Character Building with Picture Books - Hilton Head IB Elementary - Lena Beason 

  • Fly High with Student Created Airfoils - River Ridge Academy - Eric Mohrman 

  • Seed Plant Terrariums - Lady's Island Elementary School - Cynthia Rodgers 

  • So You Think You Can Dance Fundraiser - Whale Branch Elementary School - Danielle Kyren White 

  • Document Cameras for Pre-K - Hilton Head Island Early Childhood Center - Ashley Disher