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Updated: Mar 20

One of the highlights of 2023 for the Foundation Board was awarding $500 grants to (10) first and second year teachers across Beaufort county as part of the Helping Build a Teacher’s Toolkit initiative. The program was partially funded by WAHHI (Women’s Association of Hilton Head) and also by Foundation board member, Chris Epps, a local architect. When the checks were presented, the joy in these new teachers’ eyes and the excitement (of them and their students) was heartwarming. You could tell that the money represented more than just funds for their classroom. It was evident that these

teachers felt like someone was in their corner as they begin their career, cheering them on and ready to support their often overlooked efforts.

We are now announcing the opening of applications for our 2024 initiative. The application forms are easy to fill out and not as extensive as our Innovative grants program applications.

If you are a first or second year teacher in Beaufort County, then apply TODAY! Not sure what to ask for? Let your creativity flow.

Here’s some examples of materials funded in 2023:

  • For a second grade classroom: literacy resources including leveled reading books, spelling flip books, flashcards and educational games. Also, Science Readers and Math resources like flash cards and time learning clocks, puzzles and games.

  • For a high school health science classroom: patient Communication Board, advanced blood pressure training arm simulator model, practice arm blood pressure measurement model for nursing skills manikin and Mosby's Medical Terminology Flashcards.

  • For a kindergarten classroom: a kitchen set and other real life materials to implement Purposeful Play, a front facing book shelf, puppets, unifix cubes, dice, dominos and many other math manipulatives, STEAM based materials, materials for a sensory station and of course, BOOKS!

  • For a Middle School Health Education classroom: items for a health hygiene and first aid kits including - drawstring backpacks, bandages, body wash, lotion, shampoo, disposable toothbrushes with toothpaste, hand sanitizing wipes, deodorant, and face masks.

  • For a High School Spanish Class: Spanish novels, games and Spanish movies to improve the students' ability to speak, read and write the language through their exposure to and interaction with authentic materials.

  • For a fourth grade math and science classroom: flexible seating options for the classroom.

  • For a Pre-K classroom: instruments for the school’s International Festival - including percussion wooden frogs, steel drum and 1 large djembe.

  • For a Middle School Visual Arts classroom: Supplies to help create projects on the school’s 2 relief presses.

  • For high school students: Coping mechanisms - including stress balls for anxiety, journals to encourage communication and expression of feelings and thoughts, and books on controlling anger, coping with depression and anxiety.

The possibilities are endless! Anything that can help encourage and enhance the learning process of the students in your classroom that you may currently be lacking. The Foundation’s desire is to support our first and second year teachers through this initiative so that they want to continue on this MOST important journey of educating the future generations of Beaufort County.

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